About us

Oakley Logistics, founded in 1998, is one company in the Oakley family of businesses which consist of numerous companies participating in transportation, chemical, environmental, real estate, and entertainment industries.  Although we began with the sole purpose of assisting our sister company, Oakley Tank Lines, in managing its increasing customer base and providing additional capacity in times of high demand, today we offer unparalleled customer service for many of the largest chemical manufacturers in the United States.

Oakley Logistics, solving complex transportation problems.

Our creative approach to solving complex transportation problems allows Oakley Logistics to become an integral part of our customer’s company.  From implementing strategic transportation business plans to handling last minute high volume campaign traffic, Oakley Logistics provides transportation options for every customer. 

Oakley Logistics has two important sister companies:  Oakley Tank Lines and Oakley Tank Services.  Oakley Tank Lines has been transporting bulk liquid chemicals safely, efficiently and knowledgably since 1981.  Working closely with Oakley Tank Lines, and other carefully selected carriers, allows us to provide quick response for our partner customers on short lead times and for emergency spikes in volume.  Oakley Tank Services, our equipment leasing company, provides our customers with equipment for their private fleets or for in-plant mobile storage.  Our ability to place trailers quickly and to our customers’ exact specifications has made Oakley Tank Services an excellent fit to Oakley Logistics.

As a Responsible Care® Partner, the Oakley family of businesses continues to add value to our customers’ supply chain.  Our goal is to eliminate transportation inefficiencies from origin to destination, increase delivery performance to the receiver and provide economical wins for our customers. 

Our business operates at our facility located at 5115 Prince George Drive, Prince George, Virginia.